Clinical manifestations of co-infection with malaria and leptospirosis.


Though both malaria and leptospirosis are frequent in the tropics, co-infections are under-recognized due to overlapping of clinical features. Here, we reviewed clinical manifestations of published co-infection along with our three cases. Out of a total of 18 patients, nine patients (50%) required ICU admission. Almost all patients had prodromal symptoms in… (More)
DOI: 10.1258/td.2011.110082


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@article{Gurjar2011ClinicalMO, title={Clinical manifestations of co-infection with malaria and leptospirosis.}, author={Mohan Gurjar and Saurabh Saigal and Arvind Kumar Baronia and Afzal Azim and Banani Poddar and Ratender Kumar Singh}, journal={Tropical doctor}, year={2011}, volume={41 3}, pages={175-8} }