Clinical manifestations of canine babesiosis in Hungary (63 cases).

  title={Clinical manifestations of canine babesiosis in Hungary (63 cases).},
  author={{\'A}kos M{\'a}th{\'e} and K{\'a}roly V{\"o}r{\"o}s and Lajos Papp and Jenő Reiczigel},
  journal={Acta veterinaria Hungarica},
  volume={54 3},
Clinical observations of Babesia canis infection in 63 dogs during a 1-year period are summarised, demonstrating the pathogenicity of the Babesia strain endemic in Hungary. Most patients had babesiosis in the spring and autumn, correlating with the seasonal activity of ticks. Male animals appeared in higher numbers, probably due to an overrepresentation of outdoor dogs. Uncomplicated babesiosis was diagnosed in 32 cases. The disease affected dogs of any age in this study. Symptoms were similar… CONTINUE READING
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