Clinical management of the subfertile stud dog.

  title={Clinical management of the subfertile stud dog.},
  author={Joni L Freshman},
  journal={The Veterinary clinics of North America. Small animal practice},
  volume={31 2},
  • Joni L Freshman
  • Published 2001 in
    The Veterinary clinics of North America. Small…
Many subfertile stud dogs can sire pups with appropriate management. Determination of the area of the problem (libido, ability to breed, semen quality) is the first step. Each of these areas can often be improved or managed. A complete history, physical examination, and semen evaluation should be performed on every patient. In specific cases, additional diagnostics may be helpful, including a CBC, biochemistry profile, urinalysis, semen cultures, ultrasonography, and biopsy. Management of… CONTINUE READING

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