Clinical findings in three cases of zombification

  title={Clinical findings in three cases of zombification},
  author={Roland Littlewood and Chavannes Douyon},
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Traditional healing practices originating in Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao: A review of the literature on psychiatry and Brua
A review of the literature on Brua and its relation to psychiatry finds that belief in Brua as a possible source of mental and physical complaints, as well as patients’ frequent recourse to Brua practices, may affect the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders.
Zombies--a pop culture resource for public health awareness.
The utility of zombies to capitalize on the benefits of spreading public health awareness through the use of relatable popular culture tools and scientific explanations for fictional phenomena is explored.
Updates on Rabies virus disease: is evolution toward “Zombie virus” a tangible threat?
An apocalyptic epidemics of mutated Rabies virus may be seen as an imaginable menace for mankind, theoretically possible by either natural or artificial virus engineering, producing viral strains characterized by facilitated human-to-human transmission, faster incubation, enhanced neurotoxicity and predisposition towards developing highly aggressive behaviours.
The undead in culture and science
ABSTRACT The undead have a significant role in mythology, religion, folklore, and literature. In the 1800s, the word zombie was used to describe reanimated corpses in the Caribbean who often worked
[Culture and mental health in Haiti : a literature review].
This paper reviews and summarizes the available literature on Haitian mental health and mental health services and describes historical, economic, sociological and anthropological factors essential to a basic understanding of Haiti and its people.
Natural Products from Ethnodirected Studies: Revisiting the Ethnobiology of the Zombie Poison
This study examines advances in the pharmacology of natural products, focusing especially on those of animal-derived products, and emphasizes the medicinal potential of products from zootherapy.
Families Coping With Disability Due to Brain Injury in Oman
Little is known about primary caregivers’ perceptions of a relative who has sustained abruptly personality changes following traumatic brain injury (TBI) in non-Western populations. To help
Dharma of the Living Dead: A Meditation on the Meaning of the Hollywood Zombie
This paper examines the religious implications of the modern zombie, which has achieved great popularity in the modern Western imagination. Today’s zombie-craze can be traced from its roots in
Trauma and the Kanun: Two Responses to Loss in Albania and Kosova
  • R. Littlewood
  • Psychology
    The International journal of social psychiatry
  • 2002
Response to sudden bereavement in Albanian Kosova may follow two routes: the customary law arguing stoicism but retribution, and the psychological idiom of `trauma' recently introduced by Western European aid agencies.
Neurotoxic marine poisoning


AIDS and Accusation: Haiti and the Geography of Blame
Does the scientific "theory" that HIV came to North America from Haiti stem from underlying attitudes of racism and ethnocentrism in the USA rather than from hard evidence? Anthropologist-physician
From Dessalines to Duvalier: Race, Colour and National Independence in Haiti
"Rich in subject matter and eminently readable, this book is also a fine work of scholarship. The more than 1,200 footnotes are models of clarity and relevance; the bibliography and index seem
It was made that recovery of muscle power was accelerated by administration of an anticholinesterase, and it was noted that the patient retained consciousness despite total flaccid paralysis and unreactive pupils.
Medicine and Morality in Haiti: The Contest for Healing Power
This book discusses the history and Ethnography of biomedicine in Jeanty, and the Catholic practice of healing and the limits to Catholic morality in that region.
Pathology and Identity: The Work of Mother Earth in Trinidad
Acknowledgements 1. The coming of the Earth People 2. A certain degree of instability 3. Madness, vice and Tabanka: popular knowledge of psychopathology in Trinidad 4. Mother Earth and the
Papa Doc: Haiti and Its Dictator
Originally published in 1970. The story of Haiti under the rule of Dr Frances Duvalier. Diederich lived in Haiti for fourteen years and had personal experience of the early Duvalier days and the
Individual-specific ‘fingerprints’ of human DNA
It is shown that other variant (core)n probes can detect additional sets of hypervariable minisatellites to produce somatically stable DNA ‘fingerprints’ which are completely specific to an individual (or to his or her identical twin) and can be applied directly to problems of human identification, including parenthood testing.