Clinical experience with Gore-Tex for vocal fold medialization.

  title={Clinical experience with Gore-Tex for vocal fold medialization.},
  author={Antoine Giovanni and Jacques Vallicioni and R{\'e}gis Gras and Michel Zanaret},
  journal={The Laryngoscope},
  volume={109 2 Pt 1},
OBJECTIVES/HYPOTHESIS Present clinical experience with vocal fold medialization under local anesthesia using a Gore-Tex implant. The procedure consists of placing the implant into a pocket formed by dissection of the inner perichondrium of the thyroid cartilage through a small window made in the thyroid ala. STUDY DESIGN During 2 years, we used this technique preferentially in 13 of the 16 cases of vocal fold medialization (three patients underwent Teflon injection because of a… CONTINUE READING
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