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Clinical evaluation of a new antilithiatic drug, "Debelysin".

  title={Clinical evaluation of a new antilithiatic drug, "Debelysin".},
  author={T. Krzeski and A. Bor{\'o}wka and W. Gustowski and C. Atal and A. Orkiszewska},
  journal={Polish journal of pharmacology and pharmacy},
  volume={35 1},
"Debelysin", a new antinephrolithiatic drug, was administered in 5-ml oral doses, 3 times daily: to 30 nephrolithiatic patients for 6 months, and to 30 patients with surgically removed renal calculi for 12 months. "Debelysin" showed diuretic action which affected neither the electrolyte nor the acid-alkaline balance. The majority of patients responded to "Debelysin" with a decrease in diurnal calciuria and phosphaturia. During the treatment the calculi did not increase in size and the…