Clinical effects of amifostine (Ethyol) in patients treated with carboplatin.

  title={Clinical effects of amifostine (Ethyol) in patients treated with carboplatin.},
  author={George Thomas Budd and Ram N. Ganapathi and Ronald M. Bukowski and Sumithra Murthy},
  journal={European journal of cancer},
  volume={32A Suppl 4},
Amifostine is a compound that has been developed as a radio- and chemoprotectant. It is a prodrug, giving rise to the active thiol, WR-1065. Amifostine has been demonstrated to reduce the toxicity of ionising radiation, alkylating agents and platinum compounds. Preclinical studies have shown that amifostine can reduce the myelosuppression of carboplatin in a murine model tumour system without reducing the efficacy of therapy. In fact, in this model system, the antitumour effects of carboplatin… CONTINUE READING