Clinical course in Parkinson's disease with elevated homocysteine.

  title={Clinical course in Parkinson's disease with elevated homocysteine.},
  author={Padraig E O'Suilleabhain and Robert Oberle and Cristina Bartis and Richard B. Dewey and Teodoro G Bottiglieri and Ramon Diaz-Arrastia},
  journal={Parkinsonism & related disorders},
  volume={12 2},
Elevated homocysteine (Hcy), prevalent in Parkinson's disease (PD), is potentially a modifiable risk factor for neurologic deterioration. We measured cognitive, affective and motor changes over 2 years in a cohort of people with early PD. Subjects whose Hcy had been elevated (>14 micromol/L, n = 31) at baseline were compared with the rest (n = 66). Overall progression in 2 years did not significantly differ (p = 0.20). Four subjects with elevated and one with normal Hcy had died (p = 0.03). We… CONTINUE READING


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