Clinical correlations of patterns of placental pathology in preterm pre-eclampsia.

  title={Clinical correlations of patterns of placental pathology in preterm pre-eclampsia.},
  author={Carolyn M. Salafia and John Christopher Pezzullo and Alessandro Ghidini and J A L{\'o}pez-Zeno and S S Whittington},
  volume={19 1},
The objective of this study was to determine if placental histopathology patterns are associated with clinical features of preterm pre-eclampsia. A 1989-1993 database of consecutive non-anomalous singleton livebirths delivered at 22-32 weeks gestation excluding cases of maternal diabetes mellitus and chronic hypertension included 74 cases of pre-eclampsia. Placentae were scored for uteroplacental vascular lesions and lesions of chronic inflammation and coagulation. Thirteen lesion patterns… CONTINUE READING


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