Clinical characteristics in diabetic stroke patients.

  title={Clinical characteristics in diabetic stroke patients.},
  author={F G Lithner and Kjell Asplund and Sture Eriksson and Erik H{\"a}gg and Tage Strand and P. O. Wester},
  journal={Diabete & metabolisme},
  volume={14 1},
The impact of diabetes was prospectively studied during a 5-year period in 428 unselected and consecutive patients with acute cerebrovascular disease of whom 18% were diabetic. Cerebral infarction was more frequent in diabetics (81 vs 70%, p less than 0.02) whereas transient cerebral ischaemia was less frequent (4 vs 14%, p less than 0.01). Case fatality rate during hospitalization was higher in the diabetic than in the non-diabetic patients (28 vs 15%, p less than 0.02). Patients who died… CONTINUE READING
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