Clinical characterisation of polydactyly in Maine Coon cats

  title={Clinical characterisation of polydactyly in Maine Coon cats},
  author={Alexia Hamelin and Dominique Y. Begon and Fabrice Conchou and Marion Fusellier and Marie Abitbol},
  journal={Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery},
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Objectives Polydactyly has been reported in a number of vertebrate species, including the domestic cat. It is a common characteristic in some breeding lines of the Maine Coon. The aim of this study was to assess the limb phenotype of polydactyl cats using physical and radiographic examinations. Methods We used physical examination and radiography to characterise the polydactyly phenotype in a cohort of 70 Maine Coon cats, including 48 polydactyl cats from four different breeding lines from… 
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Genetic heterogeneity of polydactyly in Maine Coon cats

Polydactyly in Maine Coon cats is inherited as an autosomal dominant trait with incomplete penetrance and variable expressivity, and this trait is characterised by genetic heterogeneity in the Maine Coons breed.

Genetic Instability of a Polydactyl Hypopigmented Cat With Squamous Cell Carcinoma—A Case Report

The genomic instability of the RBC-MNE could be used as an indicator to identify clinical conditions of felines, particularly those with one of the characteristics exhibited by this Mexican cat.

Extreme bilateral polydactyly in a wild‐caught western grey kangaroo

A case of extremely unusual bilateral preaxial polydactyly on the pectoral limbs of a male western grey kangaroo from the South West region of Western Australia, in which two supernumerary digits were present on each manus.

Feline Skeletal Reference Guide: A Cadaveric Radiographic Measurement on Lower Limb Extremities.

In insights into the normal length and width of distal forelimb and hind limb bones as well as bone index ratios in mature domestic shorthair cats are provided.

Crowdfunded whole-genome sequencing of the celebrity cat Lil BUB identifies causal mutations for her osteopetrosis and polydactyly

The genome of Lil BUB, a celebrity cat affected by rare disease phenotypes characterized by supernumerary digits, osteopetrosis and dwarfism, is sequenceed, highlighting the importance of genomic analysis in the identification of disease-causing mutations and support crowdfunding as a means to fund low-budget projects and as a platform for scientific communication.

Phalangeal Fracture



Bilateral radial hemimelia, polydactyly and cardiomegaly in two cats.

The presence of bilateral pelvic limb polydactyly, bilateral radial hemimelia, and generalised cardiomegaly in feline littermates may offer more information on the origins of this orthopaedic disorder and the potential undesirable results that can occur when breedingpolydactyl cats or cats affected by radial Hemimelia.

Mutant allele frequencies among domestic cats in some eastern areas of Canada: regional homogeneity of factors in Canadian Atlantic Provinces and the French colony of Saint Pierre.

A general regional homogeneity for most factors is revealed and one mutant, polydactyly, which is of New England origin appears to have been distributed largely by loyalist refugees from New England at the time of the American Rebellion.

Point mutations in a distant sonic hedgehog cis-regulator generate a variable regulatory output responsible for preaxial polydactyly.

The polydactyly mutations define a new genetic mechanism that results in human congenital abnormalities and identifies a pathogenetic mechanism that may underlie other congenital diseases.

Heredity of polydactyly in the cat.

Morphology of the feet in polydactyl cats.

Polydactyly and related traits

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