Clinical and microbiological evaluation of therapy for juvenile periodontitis.

  title={Clinical and microbiological evaluation of therapy for juvenile periodontitis.},
  author={Kenneth S K S Kornman and Paul B. Robertson},
  journal={Journal of periodontology},
  volume={56 8},
Eight patients (mean age 15.6 yrs) with severe molar-incisor bone loss and pocket formation characteristic of juvenile periodontitis were entered into a clinical protocol of three sequential stages: scaling and root planing (S/RP); S/RP concurrent with systemic tetracycline therapy (1 gm/day for 28 days); periodontal surgery concurrent with systemic tetracycline therapy. Clinical and microbiological examinations were scheduled at baseline, at 1 to 2 months after Stage I, at 1 to 2 months after… CONTINUE READING
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