Clinical and laboratory findings in Iranian children with cyclic neutropenia.

  title={Clinical and laboratory findings in Iranian children with cyclic neutropenia.},
  author={Nima Rezaei and Abolhassan Farhoudi and Z Pourpak and Asghar Aghamohammadi and Asghar Ramyar and Mostafa Moin and Mohammad Javad Gharagozlou and Masoud Movahedi and Behzad Mohammadpour and Bahram Mirsaeid Ghazi and Mina Izadyar and Maryam Mahmoudi},
  journal={Iranian journal of allergy, asthma, and immunology},
  volume={3 1},
Cyclic neutropenia is a rare immunodeficiency syndrome, characterized by regular periodic oscillations in the circulating neutrophil count from normal to neutropenic levels through 3 weeks period, and lasting for 3-6 days. In order to determine the clinical features of cyclic neutropenia, this study was performed. Seven patients with cyclic neutropenia (3 males and 4 females), who experienced neutropenic periods every 3 weeks (5 with severe and 2 with moderate neutropenia), were investigated in… CONTINUE READING

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