[Clinical and laboratory features of the Menkes disease].


OBJECTIVE To study the clinical and laboratory features of the patients with Menkes disease. METHOD Three infants were diagnosed as Menkes disease. Their clinical feature, laboratory findings, radiological manifestation and genes were reviewed. RESULT All the three cases were male infants. Their clinical manifestations began at the 3, 5 and 6 months… (More)


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@article{Wang2009ClinicalAL, title={[Clinical and laboratory features of the Menkes disease].}, author={Xiaohui Wang and Jun-lan L{\"{u} and Li-Ping Zhang and Liping Zou and Hu-sheng Wu and Xu Wang and Xin-ying Yang}, journal={Zhonghua er ke za zhi = Chinese journal of pediatrics}, year={2009}, volume={47 8}, pages={604-7} }