[Clinical and hormonal evaluation of recurrence of goiter after thyroidectomy].


The incidence and features of goitre recurrences were investigated in a sample population of patients operated at the University of Turin Endocrine Surgery Centre. The following parameters were examined: sex, age, familial history of goitre, number of pregnancies, T3 and T4 levels, and TSH levels. Attention is drawn to the finding of significantly higher TSH values in the patients operated for recurrent goitre than in a series of persons free of recurrences after they had been operated on for goitre. Other workers have made the same observation, which is therefore regarded as a pointer to the correct interpretation of the recurrence of goitre.

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@article{Abeatici1979ClinicalAH, title={[Clinical and hormonal evaluation of recurrence of goiter after thyroidectomy].}, author={S Abeatici and Nicola Palestini and Simone Sigismondi}, journal={Minerva medica}, year={1979}, volume={70 8}, pages={569-74} }