Clinical and histological effects of blue light on normal skin.

  title={Clinical and histological effects of blue light on normal skin.},
  author={Marloes M Kleinpenning and Tim Smits and Marjolein H A Frunt and Piet E J van Erp and Peter Cornelius Maria van de Kerkhof and Rianne M J P Gerritsen},
  journal={Photodermatology, photoimmunology & photomedicine},
  volume={26 1},
INTRODUCTION Phototherapy with visible light is gaining interest in dermatological practice. Theoretically, blue light could induce biological effects comparable to ultraviolet A (UVA) radiation. OBJECTIVES To study the effects of blue light on normal skin in terms of photodamage, skin ageing and melanogenesis. METHODS Eight healthy volunteers were included and irradiation with visible blue light was given on five consecutive days. Skin biopsies were analysed with respect to photodamage… CONTINUE READING

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