Clinical and haematological features of haemangiosarcoma in dogs.

  title={Clinical and haematological features of haemangiosarcoma in dogs.},
  author={Cathy Y Ng and Jennifer N Mills},
  journal={Australian veterinary journal},
  volume={62 1},
Canine haemangiosarcoma was studied retrospectively in 31 cases recorded among 2,871 dogs presented for necropsy (1.08%). The German Shepherd breed was more frequently represented than other breeds. Affected dogs were older than 5 years (mean 9.1 years). Nineteen were males. Presenting signs often included episodic lethargy and weakness, with depression, anorexia and mucosal pallor. Spleen and lungs were the most frequently affected sites. Haematological findings in 9 dogs with splenic or… CONTINUE READING