Clinical and experimental studies on pancreatic disorders (II)


funct ions were comparat ively studied. Histological changes: In cases wi th pancreat ic cancer, all showed definite histological changes. Other pancreat ic disorders, except for one, also showed histological changes. And the res t of 9 cases, except for 3, showed some histological changes. In all cases of an imals both with staphylococcal toxin injection and those with admin is t ra t ion of D-L-Ethionine 100 mg/kg/day , there were clear evidences of hemorrhag ic pancreat i t is . There was a good corre la t ion between histological and secretory functions. Animals with more severe histological changes, volumes and concent ra t ion of bicarbonate secret ion were strongly influenced by the change of pancreat ic duct. In patients , no definite changes were noted by enzyme and 13~I Tr io le in Test. In exper imenta l animals, however, even those with s l ight histological changes were proven more marked change in these in these tests.

DOI: 10.1007/BF02775897

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