Clinical anatomy and palpability of the inferior lateral pterygoid muscle.

  title={Clinical anatomy and palpability of the inferior lateral pterygoid muscle.},
  author={Udo Stratmann and Kai Mokrys and Ulrich Meyer and Johannes Kleinheinz and Ulrich Joos and Dieter Dirksen and Friedhelm Bollmann},
  journal={The Journal of prosthetic dentistry},
  volume={83 5},
STATEMENT OF PROBLEM The intraoral palpation technique of the inferior belly of the inferior lateral pterygoid (ILP) muscle is a standard diagnostic examination method for temporomandibular joint dysfunction syndrome, although different studies have revealed inconsistent results. PURPOSE This study assessed the feasibility of the ILP muscle palpation by a simulated clinical setting. MATERIAL AND METHODS Three dentists performed a bilateral palpation of the ILP muscle in 53 fresh and unfixed… CONTINUE READING


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