Clinical Treatment of Penile Fibrosis After Penoscrotal Lymphedema

  title={Clinical Treatment of Penile Fibrosis After Penoscrotal Lymphedema},
  author={Maria Fernanda Warick Facio and Luis Cesar. F. Spessoto and M{\'a}rcio Ant{\^o}nio Gatti and Pedro F. Ferraz Arruda and Jose G. Ferraz Arruda and Thiago da Silveira Antoniassi and Ana Paula Bogdan and Maria de F{\'a}tima Guerreiro Godoy and Jos{\'e} Maria P. Godoy and Fernando Nestor Facio},
  booktitle={Urology case reports},
Genital lymphedema in men can affect the penis and/or scrotum, causing deformity and causing sexual limitations, social isolation, poor quality of life and recurrent subcutaneous infections due to difficulties in hygiene. There are few studies in the literature emphasizing the treatment of penile fibrosis after penoscrotal lymphedema. The purpose of this report is to describe a case of penile fibrosis treated using a new compression method.