Clinical Evaluation of Tentex forte and Himcolin cream in the Treatment of Functional Erectile Dysfunction

  • Dr . Roumen Bostandjiev, Dr . S . K . Mitra
  • Published 2009


The term “erectile dysfunction” can mean the mobility to achieve erection, an inconsistent ability to do so, or the ability to achieve only brief erections. In this study, the efficacy of Tentex forte and Himcolin cream in the treatment of functional erectile dysfunction has been evaluated. Tentex forte and Himcolin cream could improve the frequency, quality and sustainability of erection. There was increased sexual desire in men and readiness to initiate sexual intercourse. INTRODUCTION Erectile dysfunction (ED), one of the most prominent complaints concerning sexual activity has been reported to affect as many as 152 million men worldwide. Most common in young and healthy men is Functional Erectile Dysfunction, caused due to psychogenic factors, such as fear of performance and failure of expectation. Although psychological elements play a part in the genesis and development of Erectile Dysfunction in a large number of patients, mainly older men predominant are somatic causes like erectile failure with vascular pathology, and neurological, hormonal and drug-related factors. Treatment programs for ED usually involve the following: The Psychotherapeutic approach focuses on reconstruction of cognitive bias, change of dysfunctional values and behavioral patterns and improvement in communication between sexual partners. Pharmacotherapy involves locally acting vasoactive drugs (such as Papaverin and Alprostadil), central stimulants (like apomorphine) and herbal drugs with aphrodisiac activity. Surgical interventions like insertion of penile prostheses. In 1964, the Department of Sexology of the Bulgarian Medical Academy in Sofia accepted an integrative approach to treat erectile dysfunction, using pharmacotherapy with psychotherapy. In 1999, holistic tradition was continued to treat of ED, taking into consideration specific economical and cultural conditions in a contemporary manner. Due to social and economic crisis in the last 13 years, there were a lot of Bulgarian men who experienced constant stress concerning lack of work, fear of unemployment, financial hardship, increasing crime rate, insufficient medical care and malnutrition. In this situation, functional ED is very common. Sexual problems increase the risk of other psychosomatic

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