Clinical Analysis of Auricular Benign Masses

  title={Clinical Analysis of Auricular Benign Masses},
  author={S. Y. Jung and M. G. Kim and S. Boo and Eun Kyung Yeo and Chul Kwon and Sun Kyu Lee and S. Yeo},
  journal={Korean Journal of Audiology},
  pages={10 - 13}
Background and Objectives Auricular masses are growths on the outer ear that have not been well characterized clinically. We assessed the clinical nature and treatment of auricular benign masses in patients at our institution. Subjects and Methods We retrospectively identified 63 patients with auricular benign masses who underwent excision and biopsy from May 1970 to April 2011. We determined the site, cause, size, pathology and postoperative results of these auricular masses. Results Auricular… Expand
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