Climatic Impact of Tropical Lowland Deforestation on Nearby Montane Cloud Forests

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Tropical montane cloud forests (TMCFs) depend on predictable, frequent, and prolonged immersion in cloud. Clearing upwind lowland forest alters surface energy budgets in ways that influence dry season cloud fields and thus the TMCF environment. Landsat and Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite imagery show that deforested areas of Costa Rica's Caribbean lowlands remain relatively cloud-free when forested regions have well-developed dry season cumulus cloud fields. Further, regional… Expand
Tropical Montane Rain Forest Biodiversity and Environmental Sustainability in Cameroon's North Western Highlands
There exists considerable diversity of montane rain forest within the tropics (Vareschi 1980; Kitayama 1995; Bruijnzeel 2001 all cited in Boehmer, 2011). The term „montane rain forest‟ is often usedExpand
Forest-climate interactions in fragmented tropical landscapes.
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Positive feedbacks among deforestation, regional climate change and fire could pose a serious threat for some tropical forests, but the details of such interactions are poorly understood. Expand
Impact of Tropical Deforestation and Forest Degradation on Precipitation over Borneo Island
AbstractSoutheast Asian tropical rain forests in the Maritime Continent are among the most important biomes in terms of global and regional water cycling. How land use and land cover change (LULCC)Expand
Hydrometeorology of tropical montane cloud forests: emerging patterns
Tropical montane cloud forests (TMCF) typically experience conditions of frequent to persistent fog. On the basis of the altitudinal limits between which TMCF generally occur (800–3500 m.a.s.l.Expand
The impact of deforestation on orographic cloud formation in a complex tropical environment
Ecological changes observed at cloud forests in Monteverde, Costa Rica, including disappearance of anuran populations and expansion of bird and bat ranges to higher elevations has been linked to anExpand
Fire science for rainforests
The current state of tropical fire science is discussed, recommendations for advancement are made and pan-tropical forest fires will increase as more damaged, less fire-resistant, forests cover the landscape. Expand
Tropical Montane Cloud Forests in the Orinoco River basin: Inferring fog interception from through-fall dynamics
Abstract The interaction between vegetation and the atmosphere is highly complex in fog affected ecosystems like Tropical Montane Cloud Forests (TMCFs). Despite acknowledging fog effects on theExpand
Neotropical cloud forests and páramo to contract and dry from declines in cloud immersion and frost
A new empirical approach combining relative humidity, frost, and novel application of maximum watershed elevation to project change in TMCF and páramo for Representative greenhouse gas emissions Concentration Pathways (RCPs) 4.5 and 8.5 finds that T MCF zones are largely forested, but some of the most deforested areas will undergo the least climate change. Expand
Cloud Forest Conservation in the Central Highlands of Guatemala Hinges on Soil Conservation and Intensifying Food Production
Soil erosion threatens long-term soil fertility and food production in Q’eqchi’ communities native to the Sierra Yalijux and Sierra Sacranix mountain ranges in the central highlands of Guatemala.Expand
Tropical cloud forest climate variability and the demise of the Monteverde golden toad
Stable oxygen isotope measurements from trees without annual rings are used to reconstruct a century of hydroclimatology in the Monteverde Cloud Forest of Costa Rica and reveal coherent isotope cycles that provide annual chronological control and paleoclimate information. Expand


Monteverde: ecology and conservation of a tropical cloud forest.
A large number of species have been recorded in the Monteverde Zone over a short period of time, and the distribution of these species has changed significantly in recent years. Expand
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