- eine Webanwendung zur Erzeugung räumlich und zeitlich variabler Klimadiagramme


In this article a web application for the dynamic generation of spatial and time variant climate charts is presented. It is based on globally interpolated raster data for the variables temperature and precipitation for the period 1901-2014 with a geometric resolution of 0.5°. The visualization complies with the well-known Walter-Lieth chart. It enables the… (More)
DOI: 10.14627/537622033


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@article{Wiemann2016ClimateChartsnetE, title={ - eine Webanwendung zur Erzeugung r{\"a}umlich und zeitlich variabler Klimadiagramme}, author={Felix Wiemann and Pierre Karrasch and Matthias P M{\"{u}ller}, journal={AGIT Journal}, year={2016}, volume={2}, pages={233-238} }