Climate deteriorations and Neanderthal demise in interior Iberia

  title={Climate deteriorations and Neanderthal demise in interior Iberia},
  author={Diana Wolf and Timo Kolb and Manuel Alcaraz-Casta{\~n}o and Stephen Heinrich and Peter Baumgart and Roque Calvo and Jos{\'e} S{\'a}nchez and K Ryborz and Ido Schaefer and M Bliedtner and Roland Zech and Lothar Z{\"o}ller and Dan Faust},
  booktitle={Scientific Reports},
Time and circumstances for the disappearance of Neanderthals and its relationship with the advent of Modern Humans are not yet sufficiently resolved, especially in case of the Iberian Peninsula. Reconstructing palaeoenvironmental conditions during the last glacial period is crucial to clarifying whether climate deteriorations or competition and contacts with Modern Humans played the pivotal role in driving Neanderthals to extinction. A high-resolution loess record from the Upper Tagus Basin in… CONTINUE READING