Climate control in broiler houses: A thermal model for the calculation of the energy use and indoor environmental conditions

  title={Climate control in broiler houses: A thermal model for the calculation of the energy use and indoor environmental conditions},
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Relation between energy use and indoor thermal environment in animal husbandry: a case study

Climate control is of the foremost importance in structures for intensive animal rearing because many animals (e.g. pigs and broilers) tolerate a small range of climate conditions (mainly air

Using Model Predictive Control to Modulate the Humidity in a Broiler House and Effect on Energy Consumption

In moderate climate, broiler chicken houses are important heating energy consumers and hence heating fuel consumption accounts for a large part in operating costs. They can be reduced by

The Role of Climate Control in Monogastric Animal Farming: The Effects on Animal Welfare, Air Emissions, Productivity, Health, and Energy Use

In the last decades, an engineering process has deeply transformed livestock houses by introducing fine-tuned climate control systems to guarantee adequate indoor climate conditions needed to express

Evaluation of thermal energy consumption in broiler farms and saving strategies

The aim of this study was to evaluate thermal energy consumption in broiler farms and provide solutions to reduce it. This study was performed with a completely randomized design under 4 climatic

Energy Modelling of Livestock Houses: State of the Art and Results from the EPAnHaus Project

The estimation of the energy performance of livestock houses is a recent research topic that is gaining interest due to the expected increase of the energy consumption in agriculture in the coming



A case study of energy consumption measurement system in broiler production

Energy savings in animal production have become increasingly important due to climate change and rising energy prices. In order to find potential savings, the energy consumption and its allocation

Energy Consumption and Indoor Environment of Broiler Houses with Energy Recovery Ventilators

Abstract. We investigated the applicability of energy recovery ventilators in chicken broiler houses. Indoor environmental conditions and energy consumption were measured and compared in two

Heat transfer to calculate minimum ventilation rates for broilers house.

The correct use of minimum ventilation and heating system on broiler’s brooding phase is important even in tropical climates such as Brazil. Thus, the study of heat exchange is important to determine

Direct energy consumption and CO2 emissions in a Finnish broiler house – a case study

Direct energy (electricity and heating) consumption was measured from one broiler house in southern Finland and CO 2 emissions were calculated, finding the greatest energy saving potential can be found in heating.

Heating energy consumption, heat losses and heating energy saving possibilities in case broiler house in Finland

Abstract. Heating energy is the biggest direct energy input in broiler house. Energy consumption of heating varies lot between growing weeks, but also between different seasons. Indoor and outdoor