Climate change and the far right

  title={Climate change and the far right},
  author={Bernhard Forchtner},
  journal={Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Climate Change},
  • Bernhard Forchtner
  • Published 15 August 2019
  • Political Science
  • Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Climate Change
In recent years two crises have populated the imagination of publics: environmental crises, ranging from, for example, water and air pollution to climate change, and the crisis of liberal democracy, illustrated by the rise of far‐right actors across Europe, the United States and beyond. While these environmental and political crises have been analyzed on their own, little research has been done on their nexus. Against this background, this focus article reviews existing academic literature on… 

Green nationalism. Climate action and environmentalism in left nationalist parties

ABSTRACT Climate change is arguably the single most important political issue in the world today. As yet, however, there has been little research on the relationship between climate change and

Understanding public concern about climate change in Europe, 2008–2017: the influence of economic factors and right-wing populism

ABSTRACT European survey data shows strong temporal fluctuations in climate change concern within European countries and large differences in concern between these countries. However, there is as yet

The Extreme Right, Climate Change and Terrorism

  • G. Macklin
  • Political Science
    Terrorism and Political Violence
  • 2022
ABSTRACT “Eco-fascism” has recently regained prominence following two of the most lethal extreme right terrorist attacks: the murderous assault on two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, which

Norm-Based Governance for Severe Collective Action Problems: Lessons from Climate Change and COVID-19

It is argued that COVID-19 and anthropogenic climate change are critical examples of an emerging type of governance challenge: severe collective action problems that require significant individual behavior change under conditions of hyper-partisanship and scientific misinformation.

Politicizing climate change in times of populism: an introduction

ABSTRACT With this introduction to the special issue on climate politics, democracy, and populism, we lay the ground for the multiplicity of analyses that follow. We highlight the essentially

De/legitimising EUrope through the performance of crises

This article illuminates the far-right populist Alternative for Germany's (AfD) performances of delegitmisation vis-à-vis EUrope and legitmisation of itself/the nation by articulating two

Climate refugees: A useful concept? Towards an alternative vocabulary of ecological displacement

Against the background of climate scepticism and raging anti-immigrant sentiments across Europe, the politics of climate change and the politics of migration are fraught with tension. The two

Norm-Based Governance for a New Era: Collective Action in the Face of Hyper-Politicization

The world has surpassed three million deaths from COVID-19, and faces potentially catastrophic tipping points in the global climate system. Despite the urgency, governments have struggled to address

Communitarians, cosmopolitans, and climate change: why identity matters for EU climate and energy policy

  • S. Weko
  • Economics
    Journal of European Public Policy
  • 2021
ABSTRACT Can ambitious climate policies in the European Green Deal succeed when faced with rising societal divisions between Europeans? This paper undertakes an empirical analysis using data from the

How Do Right-Wing Populist Parties Influence Climate and Renewable Energy Policies? Evidence from OECD Countries

Abstract There is increasing evidence that right-wing populist parties (RWPPs) and their supporters are hostile to climate and low-carbon energy policies. In this article, we provide a quantitative



Being Skeptical? Exploring Far-Right Climate-Change Communication in Germany

ABSTRACT This article explores climate-change communication by the German far right – spanning a continuum which ranges from anti-liberal democracy radical-right populists, to the extreme right and

Political ideology and views about climate change in the European Union

ABSTRACT There is a strong political divide on climate change in the US general public, with Liberals and Democrats expressing greater belief in and concern about climate change than Conservatives

Conservative political parties and energy transitions in Europe: Opposition to climate mitigation policies

Right-wing populism and the climate change agenda: exploring the linkages

ABSTRACT The rise of right-wing populism (RWP) poses a challenge for the climate agenda, as leaders and supporters tend to be climate sceptics and hostile to policy prescribing action on climate

It’s only natural: conservatives and climate change in Australia

  • B. Tranter
  • Environmental Science, Political Science
  • 2017
ABSTRACT With near consensus over the causes of climate change among scientific experts, only two-thirds of Australians believe that most scientists are in agreement. Ninety per cent claim climate

A green fatwā? Climate change as a threat to the masculinity of industrial modernity

From the autumn of 2006 and until 2009, climate change was described in Sweden as having apocalyptic dimensions. There was a parliamentary and public consensus that anthropogenic climate change was

The social construction of climate change : power, knowledge, norms, discourses

Contents: Foreword Introduction: power, knowledge and the social construction of climate change, Mary E. Pettenger. Part I Norm-Centred Perspective: Measuring the domestic salience of international

Cultural Circuits of Climate Change in U.K. Broadsheet Newspapers, 1985–2003

  • A. CarvalhoJ. Burgess
  • Sociology
    Risk analysis : an official publication of the Society for Risk Analysis
  • 2005
There is evidence of social learning as actors build on their experiences in relation to climate change science and policy making, and a cultural perspective is argued for to be brought to bear on studies of climate change risk perception.

Support for European Union Environmental Policy by Citizens of EU-Member and Accession States

In a first step we reconstruct the emergence and content of European Union environmental policies and their underlying normative ideas. Th ese policies have become increasingly important since the