Climate change affects key nitrogen-fixing bacterial populations on coral reefs

  title={Climate change affects key nitrogen-fixing bacterial populations on coral reefs},
  author={Henrique Fragoso Santos and Fl{\'a}via Lima do Carmo and Gustavo Adolpho Santos Duarte and Francisco Dini-Andreote and C B Castro and Alexandre Soares Rosado and Jan Dirk van Elsas and Raquel S Peixoto},
  journal={The ISME Journal},
Coral reefs are at serious risk due to events associated with global climate change. Elevated ocean temperatures have unpredictable consequences for the ocean’s biogeochemical cycles. The nitrogen cycle is driven by complex microbial transformations, including nitrogen fixation. This study investigated the effects of increased seawater temperature on bacteria able to fix nitrogen (diazotrophs) that live in association with the mussid coral Mussismilia harttii. Consistent increases in diazotroph… CONTINUE READING
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