Climate and meteorological processes of the East Antarctic ice sheet between Zhongshan and Dome-A

  title={Climate and meteorological processes of the East Antarctic ice sheet between Zhongshan and Dome-A},
  author={Bianca Van Lingen and Ian Allison and Xiao Cunde and Ma Yongfeng and Fuyuan Liang and Ding Minghu},
The 1228 km over-snow traverse route between the Chinese Zhongshan Station, on the coast of Prydz Bay, and Dome-A, at 4091 m elevation the highest point of the East Antarctic ice sheet, has been the focus of CHINARE surface meteorological and climate studies since 2002. A network of seven Automatic Weather Stations has been deployed along this section, including at Dome-A itself, and some of these have now provided nearly-hourly data for over a decade. Atmospheric boundary layer turbulence and… Expand
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