Climate adaptation at what scale? Multi-level governance, resilience, and coproduction in Saint Louis, Senegal

  title={Climate adaptation at what scale? Multi-level governance, resilience, and coproduction in Saint Louis, Senegal},
  author={Trond Vedeld and Adrien Coly and Nd{\`e}ye Mar{\`e}me Ndour and Siri Bjerkreim Hellevik},
  journal={Natural Hazards},
This paper utilizes a multi-level governance framework to explain how and at what scale climate adaptation, exemplified by flood risk management, was governed in the medium-scale city of Saint Louis, Senegal. It explores how this policy sector worked toward a “resilient city” pointing to gaps between governance as prescribed and as practiced. The paper suggests that strong coordination of climate change adaptation and flood risk management should take place at city level, reflecting the “place… Expand

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