Climate Changes in the Holocene

  title={Climate Changes in the Holocene},
  author={Eustathios D. Chiotis},
  • E. Chiotis
  • Published 15 November 2018
  • Environmental Science
Reconstructing solar irradiance from historical Ca II K observations. I. Method and its validation
Context. Knowledge of solar irradiance variability is critical to Earth’s climate models and understanding the solar influence on Earth’s climate. Direct solar irradiance measurements have only been
Wild and Domestic Cattle in the Ancient Nile Valley: Marks of Ecological Change
ABSTRACT Archaeological sites at Affad (Sudan) are the only ones in northeastern Africa providing ostological remains of both African aurochs (Bos primigenius), dated to 50 kya, and domestic cattle,
A submerged 7000-year-old village and seawall demonstrate earliest known coastal defence against sea-level rise
It is concluded that the submerged Neolithic settlement of Tel Hreiz served as a seawall, built to protect the village against Mediterranean Sea-level rise, which is the oldest known coastal defence worldwide.