Climate Change and Water Resources

  title={Climate Change and Water Resources},
  author={Kenneth D. Frederick and David C. Major},
  journal={Climatic Change},
Current perspectives on global climate change based on recent reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) are presented. Impacts of a greenhouse warming that are likely to affect water planning and evaluation include changes in precipitation and runoff patterns, sea level rise, land use and population shifts following from these effects, and changes in water demands. Irrigation water demands are particularly sensitive to changes in precipitation, temperature, and carbon… 

Climate Change and Water Resources: Strategies and Practices for Improved Water Management in Arid Countries

Assessment report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) highlighted the complex linkages between climate change and water. The likely warmer climate induced by the climate change is

Sensitivity of Irrigation Water Supply to Climate Change in the Great Plains Region of Colorado

Increasing amounts of atmospheric carbon dioxide are expected to raise atmospheric temperature and lead to significant changes in global climate during this century. Global warming may have

Review on the Impact of Climate Change on Features of Hydrology and Water Resources

Climate change causes significant variation of hydrological and water resources system. A lot of achieve- ments have been found in the research of responses of water resources to climate change in

Impact of Climate Change on the Water Cycle

  • V. Grover
  • Environmental Science, Geography
  • 2015
Global warming has accelerated in recent years with an increase of about 0.75 °C during the past 100 years. The rate of temperature increase in the past 25 years has been over 0.18 °C per decade.

Projected impacts of climate change on water quality constituents and implications for adaptive management.

The necessity of developing an adequate understanding of the relationships between the potential impacts of climate change on the generation and delivery of sediment and nutrients cannot be

Climate change and water resources in Turkey: a review

There is a close link between climate change and water resources owing to the strong relationship between climate and hydrology. Effects of climate change on water availability have potential to

The Effects of Climate Change on Water Management Strategies and Demands in the Central Valley of California

This paper provides preliminary results of a study designed to determine the potential impacts of climate change on water resources in the Central Valley of California. A general circulation model is

Climate Variability, Climate Change and Water Resource Management in the Great Lakes

Water managers always have had to cope with climate variability. All water management practices are, to some extent, a response to natural hydrologic variability. Climate change poses a different



Colorado river basin and climatic change. The sensitivity of streamflow and water supply to variations in temperature and precipitation

Growing international concern about the greenhouse effect has led to increased interest in the regional implications of changes in temperature and precipitation patterns for a wide range of societal

Managing Water Resources for Climate Change Adaptation

Water resources managers have historically led efforts to respond to natural climate variability, shifts in population and resultant demands, and changes in public preferences that influence the

Sensitivity of water resources in the Delaware River basin to climate variability and change

Because of the "greenhouse effect", projected increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide levels might cause global warming, which in turn could result in changes in precipitation patterns and

Regional hydrologic consequences of increases in atmospheric CO2 and other trace gases

Concern over changes in global climate caused by growing atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide and other trace gases has increased in recent years as our understanding of atmospheric dynamics

Climate change and U.S. water resources

THE SETTING: The Issues Future Water Use in the Present Climate Prospects for Climate Change Decision- Making Criteria Under Uncertainty FROM CLIMATE TO WATER RESOURCES: Climate Forecasting What

Assessing Urban Water Use and the Role of Water Conservation Measures under Climate Uncertainty

There has been substantial analysis of the possible impact of climate change on water supply, especially with respect to runoff and river flows. Less attention has been given to urban water use.

Climatic variation and surface water resources in the Great Basin Region

: There is mounting evidence that increasing amounts of atmospheric carbon dioxide may lead to significant changes in global climate during the next century. The possible effects of such climatic

The impact of decadal fluctuations in mean precipitation and temperature on runoff: A sensitivity study over the United States

The nature of climate variability is such that decadal fluctuations in average temperature (up to 1 °C annually or 2 °C seasonally) and precipitation (approximately 10% annually), have occurred in

Processes for identifying regional influences of and responses to increasing atmospheric CO{sub 2} and climate change - the MINK project: An overview

This is the third of a series of reports of research contributing to the study Processes for Identifying Regional Influences of an Responses to Increasing Atmospheric CO{sub 2} and Climate Change