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Climate Change and National Security: Preparing India for New Conflict Scenarios

  title={Climate Change and National Security: Preparing India for New Conflict Scenarios},
  author={Nitin G Pai},
. The trajectory of global warming is expected to have a major impact on human society as a whole: calling for a co-ordinated international response towards mitigation and adaptation to a warmer planet. This policy brief analyses how climate change will affect regional security in the Indian subcontinent and implications for India’s national security. It argues that glacial melt, rising sea levels and extreme weather will exacerbate ongoing conflicts and will require India to develop military… 
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Climate Change - A threat to National Security of India- Understanding and identifying the key threats to Indian National Security emanating from Climate Change

The question of threat India have and its capacity to deal with these threat will be dealt with and traditional and nontraditional aspects of security will be explored in connection with climate change.

Climate Change Mitigation Law and Policy of the BRICs

This working paper examines the climate-change mitigation law and policy of four major developing countries: Brazil, Russia, India, and China (i.e., the BRICs). It will first analyze the case of

Responses to Questions & Objections on Climate Change



Crisis foments as unstable lake builds in the Himalayas

Indian scientists say China is denying access to dammed river because it fears it will block access to the world's largest man-made river system.