Climate Change and Drought: From Past to Future

  title={Climate Change and Drought: From Past to Future},
  author={Benjamin I. Cook and Justin S. Mankin and Kevin J. Anchukaitis},
  journal={Current Climate Change Reports},
Drought is a complex and multivariate phenomenon influenced by diverse physical and biological processes. Such complexity precludes simplistic explanations of cause and effect, making investigations of climate change and drought a challenging task. Here, we review important recent advances in our understanding of drought dynamics, drawing from studies of paleoclimate, the historical record, and model simulations of the past and future. Paleoclimate studies of drought variability over the last… 

Societal impacts of historical droughts in a warming world

Global climate change has highlighted social and economic challenges associated with water deficits, particularly in regions where demands on freshwater exceed renewable supplies. In view of ongoing

Explaining changes in rainfall-runoff relationships during and after Australia's Millennium Drought: a community perspective

The Millennium Drought lasted more than a decade, and is notable for causing persistent shifts in the relationship 30 between rainfall and runoff in many south-east Australian catchments. Research to

Twenty‐First Century Drought Projections in the CMIP6 Forcing Scenarios

There is strong evidence that climate change will increase drought risk and severity, but these conclusions depend on the regions, seasons, and drought metrics being considered. We analyze changes in

Northern Hemisphere drought risk in a warming climate

Drought frequency and severity are projected to increase in the future, but the changes are expected to be unevenly distributed across the globe. Based on multi-model simulations under three

Climate Change Amplification of Natural Drought Variability: The Historic Mid-Twentieth-Century North American Drought in a Warmer World

In the mid-twentieth century (1948–57), North America experienced a severe drought forced by cold tropical Pacific sea surface temperatures (SSTs). If these SSTs recurred, it would likely cause

Projections of Drought Characteristics Based on the CNRM-CM6 Model over Africa

In a warming climate, drought events are projected to increase in many regions across the world, which would have detrimental impacts on water resources for agriculture activity and human life. Thus,

Uncertainties, Limits, and Benefits of Climate Change Mitigation for Soil Moisture Drought in Southwestern North America

Over the last two decades, southwestern North America (SWNA) has been in the grip of one of the most severe droughts of the last 1,200 years, with one third to nearly one half of its severity



Unprecedented 21st century drought risk in the American Southwest and Central Plains

An empirical drought reconstruction and three soil moisture metrics from 17 state-of-the-art general circulation models are used to show that these models project significantly drier conditions in the later half of the 21st century compared to the 20th century and earlier paleoclimatic intervals.

Climate change in the Fertile Crescent and implications of the recent Syrian drought

It is shown that the recent decrease in Syrian precipitation is a combination of natural variability and a long-term drying trend, and the unusual severity of the observed drought is here shown to be highly unlikely without this trend.

2000 Years of Drought Variability in the Central United States

Droughts are one of the most devastating natural hazards faced by the United States today. Severe droughts of the twentieth century have had large impacts on economies, society, and the environment,

North American Droughts of the Last Millennium from a Gridded Network of Tree-Ring Data

Drought is the most economically expensive recurring natural disaster to strike North America in modern times. Recently available gridded drought reconstructions have been developed for most of North

Megadroughts in North America: placing IPCC projections of hydroclimatic change in a long‐term palaeoclimate context

IPCC Assessment Report 4 model projections suggest that the subtropical dry zones of the world will both dry and expand poleward in the future due to greenhouse warming. The US Southwest is

Drought under global warming: a review

  • A. Dai
  • Environmental Science
  • 2011
This article reviews recent literature on drought of the last millennium, followed by an update on global aridity changes from 1950 to 2008. Projected future aridity is presented based on recent

How Has Human-Induced Climate Change Affected California Drought Risk?

AbstractThe current California drought has cast a heavy burden on statewide agriculture and water resources, further exacerbated by concurrent extreme high temperatures. Furthermore, industrial-era