Climate Change Skepticism and Denial

  title={Climate Change Skepticism and Denial},
  author={Riley E. Dunlap},
  journal={American Behavioral Scientist},
  pages={691 - 698}
  • R. Dunlap
  • Published 22 February 2013
  • Political Science
  • American Behavioral Scientist

Low carbon plot: climate change skepticism with Chinese characteristics

Current sociological literature on climate change skepticism almost exclusively focuses on the discourses in the Western World. This paper seeks to broaden the scholarship by examining the Chinese

Fundamentals of logic, reasoning, and argumentation: an evidence-supported curriculum targeting scientific literacy to increase public understanding and engagement in science

The purpose of this article is to present an evidence-supported curriculum covering the fundamentals of logic, reasoning, and argumentation skills to address the emphasized basic knowledge, skills,

Ultradeep: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Fort McMurray and the Fires of Climate Change

In the spring of 2016, a wildfire consumed the boreal forest that encircles the municipality of Fort McMurray, Alberta. Notwithstanding the severity of the blaze, known as “The Beast,” attention

Online misinformation about climate change

Policymakers, scholars, and practitioners have all called attention to the issue of misinformation in the climate change debate. But what is climate change misinformation, who is involved, how does

The Role of Social Representations in Shaping Tourist Responses to Potential Climate Change Impacts: An Analysis of Florida’s Coastal Destinations

Beside the physical impacts of climate change, society’s perceptions of climate change and its reactions at different stages of decision-making levels have become critical issues. This study presents

The Strategic Manipulation of Asymmetric Climate Conflicts

The decision-makers choose progressive or conservative actions towards climate change. A decision-maker from a country with greater damage from climate change is more likely to be progressive than a

Examining differences in public opinion on climate change between college students in China and the USA

China and the USA share the highest importance related to climate change, both in terms of their greenhouse gas emissions and their centrality to potential mitigation policies. Because college

Attitudes to climate change risk: classification of and transitions in the UK population between 2012 and 2020

Strategies for achieving carbon emissions goals presuppose changes in individual behaviour, which can be indirectly nudged by interventions or tailored information but ultimately depend upon



Challenging global warming as a social problem: An analysis of the conservative movement's counter-claims

The sociological literature on global environmental change emphasizes the processes by which the problem of global warming is socially constructed. However, the opposing efforts to construct the

Global warming’s six Americas

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  • 2012

The Inquisition of Climate Science

PrefaceIntroductionNot Skeptics, by Deniers1. Science and Potemkin ScienceNever a CrisisA Political MovementA Cheap TuxedoBetter Than Scientists2. Adventures in Denierland Urban Myth?Cave Junction3.

Computer Scientist Goes on Offensive to Defend Climate Scientists

To climate scientists like Pennsylvania State University9s Michael Mann, who has come under relentless attacks from climate change skeptics, John Mashey is "one of the good guys." The 65-year-old

Organized Climate Change Denial


The American conservative movement is a force of anti-reflexivity insofar as it attacks two key elements of reflexive modernization: the environmental movement and environmental impact science.

The Denial Machine

Rick Piltz examines political interference in climate change research: a scandal he helped to expose

A change in the climate? The journalism of opinion at News Corporation

In 2007 the global media company News Corporation announced that it would become ‘carbon neutral’ and generally endorsed scientific warnings about global warming. Its CEO, Rupert Murdoch, signaled