Climate Change Impacts on Global Food Security

  title={Climate Change Impacts on Global Food Security},
  author={T. R. Wheeler and Joachim von Braun},
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Climate change could potentially interrupt progress toward a world without hunger. A robust and coherent global pattern is discernible of the impacts of climate change on crop productivity that could have consequences for food availability. The stability of whole food systems may be at risk under climate change because of short-term variability in supply. However, the potential impact is less clear at regional scales, but it is likely that climate variability and change will exacerbate food… Expand
Food Security and Climate Change
Climate change may potentially disrupt progress toward a world without hunger. Today, a clear and consistent global pattern is perceptible of the different impacts of climate change on cropExpand
Climate Change Risks for Agriculture, Health, and Nutrition
  • J. von Braun
  • Business
  • Health of People, Health of Planet and Our Responsibility
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The stability of global, national, and local food systems is at risk under climate change. Climate change affects food production, availability of and access to food, food quality, food safety, dietExpand
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Chinese Food Security and Climate Change: Agriculture Futures
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The impact of population growth and climate change on food security in Africa: looking ahead to 2050
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Food security and climate change from a systems perspective: community case studies from Honduras
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Climate change, food, water and population health in China
How climate change will affect food, human health and water in China is explored and projections indicate that the overall effects of climate change, land conversion and reduced water availability could reduce Chinese food production substantially. Expand
Impact of climate change on crop yield and role of model for achieving food security
  • M. Kumar
  • Business, Medicine
  • Environmental Monitoring and Assessment
  • 2016
This is an attempt to provide a review on the relationship between climate change impacts and crop production and emphasizes the role of crop simulation models in achieving food security. Expand
Changing Food Systems: Implications for DFID Priorities
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Adapting to climate change to sustain food security
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Global food security under climate change
It is found that of the four main elements of food security, i.e., availability, stability, utilization, and access, only the first is routinely addressed in simulation studies, indicating the potential for further negative impacts beyond those currently assessed with models. Expand
Effects of climate change on global food production under SRES emissions and socio-economic scenarios
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Potential impact of climate change on world food supply
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Sustainable Intensification in Agriculture: Premises and Policies
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Predicting the risks from climate change to forage and crop production for animal feed
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Climate change impacts on crop productivity in Africa and South Asia
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How will climate change affect mycotoxins in food
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