Climate Change Impact Assessment of Food- and Waterborne Diseases

  title={Climate Change Impact Assessment of Food- and Waterborne Diseases},
  author={Jan C. Semenza and Susanne Herbst and Andrea Rechenburg and Jonathan E Suk and Christoph Hoeser and Christiane Schreiber and Thomas Kistemann},
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The PubMed and ScienceDirect bibliographic databases were searched for the period of 1998-2009 to evaluate the impact of climatic and environmental determinants on food- and waterborne diseases. The authors assessed 1,642 short and concise sentences (key facts), which were extracted from 722 relevant articles and stored in a climate change knowledge base. Key facts pertaining to temperature, precipitation, water, and food for 6 selected pathogens were scrutinized, evaluated, and compiled… CONTINUE READING