Clifford Algebra to Geometric Calculus

  title={Clifford Algebra to Geometric Calculus},
  author={Clive W. Kilmister and David Hestenes and Garret Sobczyk},
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Double conformal space-time algebra

The Double Conformal Space-Time Algebra (DCSTA) is a high-dimensional 12D Geometric Algebra G4,8that extends the concepts introduced with the Double Conformal / Darboux Cyclide Geometric Algebra

Geometric Calculus -- Engineering Mathematics for the 21st century

This paper treats important questions at the interface of mathematics and the engineering sciences. It starts off with a quick quotation tour through 2300 years of mathematical history. At the

A Geometric Procedure for Computing Differential Characteristics of Multi-phase Electrical Signals using Geometric Algebra

. This paper presents exploratory investigations on the concept of generalized geometrical frequency in electrical systems with an arbitrary number of phases by using Geometric Algebra and

Validación de la triangulación Delaunay empleando algebra geométrica conforme

When Delaunay triangulation is performed in an incremental fashion, different steps are involved in the process. Within those steps “reconstruction” is the most important stage when a new point is

Delaunay Triangulation Validation Using Conformal Geometric Algebra

This paper focuses on the use of the Conformal Geometric Algebra (CGA) to perform validation of Delaunay triangulation, and includes a mathematical environment change to show the advantages of using CGA’s geometric entities and use them inside a module for validating the triangulating.

Classical field theories from Hamiltonian constraint: Canonical equations of motion and local Hamilton-Jacobi theory

Classical field theory is considered as a theory of unparametrized surfaces embedded in a configuration space, which accommodates, in a symmetric way, spacetime positions and field values. Dynamics

Clifford algebra with mathematica

The Clifford algebra of a n-dimensional Euclidean vector space provides a general language comprising vectors, complex numbers, quaternions, Grassman algebra, Pauli and Dirac matrices. In this work,

Basic Multivector Calculus

We begin with introducing the generalization of real, complex, and quaternion numbers to hypercomplex numbers, also known as Clifford numbers, or multivectors of geometric algebra. Multivectors

Geometric Calculus for Engineers

It is argued that this role is very likely to be played by (universal) geometric calculus, and the fundamental geometric product of vectors is introduced.