Client-centered energy and delay analysis for TCP downloads

  title={Client-centered energy and delay analysis for TCP downloads},
  author={Haijin Yan and Rupa Krishnan and Scott A. Watterson and David K. Lowenthal and Kang Li and Larry L. Peterson},
  journal={Twelfth IEEE International Workshop on Quality of Service, 2004. IWQOS 2004.},
In mobile devices, the wireless network interface card (WNIC) consumes a significant portion of overall system energy. One way to reduce energy consumed by a mobile device is to transition its WNIC to a lower-power sleep mode when data is not being received or transmitted. This paper investigates client-centered techniques for trading download time for energy savings during TCP downloads, in an attempt to reduce the energy' delay product. Effectively saving WNIC energy during a TCP download is… CONTINUE READING
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