• Computer Science
  • Published 2012

Clickwrap och Point-and-click: Att ingå avtal och införliva standardvillkor genom elektroniska klick

  title={Clickwrap och Point-and-click: Att ing{\aa} avtal och inf{\"o}rliva standardvillkor genom elektroniska klick},
  author={Tommie Ekblad},
The essay examines whether or not utilization of clickwrap and point-and-click agreements can give rise to legal obligations according to Swedish law. Both methods seek to incorporate and bind users to standardized terms through a “click” without giving any opportunity to negotiate the terms. They are contracts of adhesion, unilaterally put forward and dictated by one of the parties. For a standard agreement to be binding in a particular case it’s generally required for there a) to actually… CONTINUE READING

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