Clicking in the throat: cinematic fiction or surgical fact?

  title={Clicking in the throat: cinematic fiction or surgical fact?},
  author={M. E. Smith and Gerald S Berke and Steven D. Gray and H Dove and R. Harnsberger},
  journal={Archives of otolaryngology--head \& neck surgery},
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The complaint of a clicking in the throat when swallowing is uncommon but very discomforting and painful for those who experience it. [] Key Method We present a series of 11 cases in which all patients had an audible clicking or popping noise in the throat associated with neck and throat pain when swallowing or turning the neck. The most helpful diagnostic procedure was careful examination and palpation of the neck while the patient swallowed to localize the side and source of the clicking.

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This case aims to reinforce the presence of clicking larynx further and subsequently increase its awareness among clinicians and for timely relief to the anxious patients who would have been perplexed by the strange clicking in the throat.
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A patient complaining of pain and noise on turning her neck was diagnosed as having a large greater cornua of the hyoid bone and excision relieved the symptoms.
Clicking hyoid.