Click-based echolocation in bats: not so primitive after all

  title={Click-based echolocation in bats: not so primitive after all},
  author={Yossi Yovel and Maya Geva-Sagiv and Nachum Ulanovsky},
  journal={Journal of Comparative Physiology A},
Echolocating bats of the genus Rousettus produce click sonar signals, using their tongue (lingual echolocation). These signals are often considered rudimentary and are believed to enable only crude performance. However, the main argument supporting this belief, namely the click’s reported long duration, was recently shown to be an artifact. In fact, the sonar clicks of Rousettus bats are extremely short, ~50–100 μs, similar to dolphin vocalizations. Here, we present a comparison between the… CONTINUE READING
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