Cleft lip and/or palate in two cases of 46,X,i(Xq) Turner syndrome.


Cleft lip (CL) and/or palate (CP) are uncommon anomalies in Turner syndrome (TS) series. We report two unrelated sporadic 46,X,i(Xq) patients exhibiting orofacial clefts and a peculiar facial appearance masking the clinical diagnosis. CL, and CP in case 1 and CP in case 2, though non-specific of TS, may not be fortuitous findings. The increased frequency of CP and bifid uvula in poly X syndromes, the dermatoglyphic similarities between iXq TS and X polysomies, and the occurrence of Klinefelter phenotype when extra Xq material is present in a male, are all indirect evidences suggesting that Xq material cannot be considered phenotipically inert and facial clefts found in our patients may be syndromal manifestation of trisomic Xq dosage.


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