Cleft Lip Repair: The Hybrid Subunit Method.

  title={Cleft Lip Repair: The Hybrid Subunit Method.},
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  journal={Facial plastic surgery : FPS},
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  • T. Tollefson
  • Published 1 April 2016
  • Medicine
  • Facial plastic surgery : FPS
The unilateral cleft lip repair is one of the most rewarding and challenging of plastic surgery procedures. Surgeons have introduced a variety of straight line, geometric, and rotation-advancement designs, while in practice the majority of North American surgeons have been using hybrids of the rotation-advancement techniques. The anatomic subunit approach was introduced in 2005 by Fisher and has gained popularity, with early adopters of the design touting its simplicity and effectiveness. The… 
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Novel Technique to Repair Unilateral Cleft Lip: Separated Multiple Y-to-V-Plasty under Magnification

The novel Y-to-V-plasty technique is recommended as an effective method for severe unilateral cleft lip with enormous discrepancy to acquire a natural and balanced shape.

Anatomic approximation approach to correction of transverse facial clefts.



Unilateral cleft lip: principles and practice of surgical management.

  • R. Tse
  • Medicine
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  • 2012
This review focuses on the surgical management of the primary cleft lip and nasal deformity and the anatomy, clinical spectrum, preoperative care, and postoperative care are discussed.

Preoperative non-surgical over-correction of cleft lip nasal deformity.

Preoperative non-surgical over-correction for cleft lip nasal deformity of incomplete and complete cleft lips with a Simonart's band is performed.

Unilateral Cleft Lip Repair: An Anatomical Subunit Approximation Technique

  • D. Fisher
  • Medicine
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  • 2005
Cases from within the spectrum of the deformity have been chosen from a series of 144 consecutive cases to demonstrate the applicability of the technique in all forms of unilateral cleft lip.

Unilateral cleft lip repair.

  • L. Mohler
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  • 1987


A reverse-U incision is described for the secondary repair of cleft lip nose deformity and it is believed this scar layer is more important in holding the ala in the corrected position than is any direct surgical attack on the underdeveloped cartilage itself.

A design for the repair of unilateral cleft lips.

  • T. Skoog
  • Medicine
    American journal of surgery
  • 1958
I have used these two methods in cases of uniIatera1 cleft lips with varying degrees of deformity, and the operative results with both methods have been very satisfying, particuIarIy in incomplete cIefts.

Current Surgical Practices in Cleft Care: Unilateral Cleft Lip Repair  

Rotation advancement remains the most frequently used technique for unilateral cleft lip repair, however, almost half of those using rotation advancement perform a modification to the original technique, which is a variation of the triangular flap repair.

Changing perspectives in cleft lip and palate: from acrylic to allele.

Translational research from fields such as fetal wound healing, tissue engineering, and gene therapy may have clinical applications as cleft care continues to evolve.

Lip Height and Lip Width after Extended Mohler Unilateral Cleft Lip Repair

The findings suggest that extended Mohler repair does not produce a short lip, and lip width was observed to be significantly smaller on the cleft side in the immediate postoperative period, however, this deficiency was observation to decrease significantly during long‐term follow‐up monitoring.