Cleaved/associated TLR3 represents the primary form of the signaling receptor.

  title={Cleaved/associated TLR3 represents the primary form of the signaling receptor.},
  author={Florent Toscano and Yann Estornes and François Virard and Alejandra Garcia-Cattaneo and Audrey Pierrot and B{\'e}atrice Vanbervliet and Marc Bonnin and Michael J Ciancanelli and S Zhang and Kenji Funami and Tsukasa Seya and Misako Matsumoto and J Pin and J. Hugo P{\'e}rez Casanova and Toufic Renno and Serge J. Lebecque},
  journal={Journal of immunology},
  volume={190 2},
TLR3 belongs to the family of intracellular TLRs that recognize nucleic acids. Endolysosomal localization and cleavage of intracellular TLRs play pivotal roles in signaling and represent fail-safe mechanisms to prevent self-nucleic acid recognition. Indeed, cleavage by cathepsins is required for native TLR3 to signal in response to dsRNA. Using novel Abs generated against TLR3, we show that the conserved loop exposed in LRR12 is the single cleavage site that lies between the two dsRNA binding… CONTINUE READING


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