Clearance of systemic hematologic tumors by venetoclax (Abt-199) and navitoclax

  title={Clearance of systemic hematologic tumors by venetoclax (Abt-199) and navitoclax},
  author={Scott L. Ackler and Anatol X Oleksijew and Jun Chen and Brenda J Irvin Chyla and Jerry Clarin and Kelly L Foster and Thomas Mcgonigal and Sasmita Mishra and Sally Schlessinger and Morey L. Smith and Stephen K. Tahir and Joel D Leverson and Andrew J. Souers and Erwin R. Boghaert and Jonathan A. Hickson},
  booktitle={Pharmacology research & perspectives},
The Bcl-2 family inhibitors venetoclax and navitoclax demonstrated potent antitumor activity in chronic lymphocytic leukemia patients, notably in reducing marrow load and adenopathy. Subsequent trials with venetoclax have been initiated in non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and multiple myeloma patients. Traditional preclinical models fall short either in faithfully recapitulating disease progression within such compartments or in allowing the direct longitudinal analysis of systemic disease. We show that… CONTINUE READING

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