Clearance of sulfamethoxazole in eggs and tissues of chickens.

  title={Clearance of sulfamethoxazole in eggs and tissues of chickens.},
  author={Hiroshi Oikawa and Kenbu Nakamoto and Kiichi Hirota and Kenji Katagiri},
  journal={Poultry science},
  volume={56 3},
Clearance of sulfamethoxazole (SMX, or sulfisomezole) in eggs and tissues of chicken after withdrawal of the drug which was medicated feed additively (at 0.2 or 0.4%) or administered intramuscularly (100 mg./kg., twice daily) for 5 successive days was determined using a fluorescamine reagent. Clearance patterns of SMX were found to be different between albumen and yolk. SMX level in albumen diminished linearly to below 0.1 p.p.m. (sensitivity level) by 5 days after the cessation of medication… CONTINUE READING