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Clear gelled cosmetic composition and its production

  title={Clear gelled cosmetic composition and its production},
  author={Anthony J Benfatto and Daniel M Grabois and C. Shin and R. Stillman and ジェイ ベンファット アンソニー and エム グラボイス ダニエル and テック シン チャング and ステールマン ロバート},
PURPOSE: To prepare a cosmetic composition for a transparent, acidic, gelled, antiperspirant and deodorant stick by enabling DBMSA(dibenzylidene monosorbitol acetal) of a transparent gelating agent to be used in an acidic region. CONSTITUTION: This cosmetic composition is obtained by including an antiperspirant agent, using a 3-6C dihydroxy alcohol as a solvent and performing a gelation by using DBMSA. The DBMSA in the composition is stable because being protected from hydrolysis and formation… Expand