Clay gels for the delivery of regenerative microenvironments.

  title={Clay gels for the delivery of regenerative microenvironments.},
  author={Jonathan I Dawson and Janos M Kanczler and Xuebin B Yang and George S. Attard and Richard O C Oreffo},
  journal={Advanced materials},
  volume={23 29},
Hydrogels offer excellent biocompatibility and permeability for water soluble metabolites with the potential for self-organization in situ to allow minimally invasive delivery of stem-cells and/or growth factors. However, the essential hydrophilicity of hydrogels presents challenges for the retention, in space and time, of bioactive molecules encapsulated within the gel network. Certain clays are known for their ability to adsorb biological molecules due to the large and highly charged specifi… CONTINUE READING