Claudin 11 regulates bone homeostasis via bidirectional EphB4-EphrinB2 signaling

  title={Claudin 11 regulates bone homeostasis via bidirectional EphB4-EphrinB2 signaling},
  author={Jong Min Baek and Yoon-Hee Cheon and Sung Chul Kwak and Hong Young Jun and Kwon-Ha Yoon and Myeung Su Lee and Ju-Young Kim},
  booktitle={Experimental & Molecular Medicine},
Claudins (Cldns) are well-established components of tight junctions (TJs) that play a pivotal role in the modulation of paracellular permeability. Several studies have explored the physiologic aspects of Cldn family members in bone metabolism. However, the effect of Cldn11, a major component of central nervous system myelin, on bone homeostasis has not been reported. In this study, we demonstrate that Cldn11 is a potential target for bone disease therapeutics as a dual modulator of osteogenesis… CONTINUE READING
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